How businesses like yours get paid faster

InstantPay analyses invoices, so they can be prepaid the next business day

Save on admin and increase your cash balance


The money is in your bank account freeing up capital to invest in your business


Over 98% of invoices can be prepaid by InstantPay


Check the status of your invoices, credit notes and payments with InstantView

Get what you need to grow, as easily as possible

Prepayment, not credit

There is no impact on your credit rating as this is not credit or a loan. We prepay your invoice in return for a small fee (which varies by programme).

No contractual lock-in

Cancel at any time, online or by email.

Rapid registration

No credit checks or new bank accounts are needed. Confirm your details and accept the terms to be fully signed up.


InstantView lets you manage your InstantPay options and see when invoices have entered the system and been paid.

You’ll still get remittance notices by email, but InstantView will provide a record of all of your documents and payments in one place. You can also download CSV files to help reconcile your accounts.

Note: InstantView availability varies by program

How InstantPay works

No lengthy setup process or hidden fees.
When we say we make finances simple, we mean it.

Day one

Send your invoice to your customer

Day two

We check the invoice once entered

Minutes later

We organise your prepayment

On the due date

They pay us directly

What you need to get started

To apply, you must:
  • Be a limited company based in the UK.
  • Provide the contact details of someone approved to make your financial decisions.
  • Supply your company name and registration number.

InstantPay is only available where your customer has agreed to offer it as a payment method. You will usually hear directly from them.

Frequently asked questions