How businesses like yours get their invoices paid faster

Day one

Send in your invoice as usual

Day two

When entered, we check it

Minutes later

We organize your payment

On due date

Your customer pays us

Cash. Confidence. Clarity.
InstantPay analyses your invoices so they can be paid next business day

Less waiting and admin

Over 98% of invoices can be authorised by InstantPay. No need to spend time and money chasing. The cash is in your account.

Maximise your cash balance

Faster payments support your growth and reduce your accounts receivable effort.

Simply an early payment

It’s not credit or a loan, you get paid early in return for a small fee. There is no impact on your credit rating.

No contractual lock-in

Cancel at any time, online or by email.

Quick and easy registration

No credit checks or new bank accounts needed, just confirm your details and accept the terms to be fully signed-up.

Visibility and transparency

InstantView lets you see when invoices have entered your customer’s system and been paid.

It’s a one-stop-shop for all your documents and payments, that complements normal email notifications. It also enables the download of CSV files to help reconcile your accounts.

Note: InstantView availability varies by program

Key facts

About Previse

InstantPay is provided by Previse, an award-winning technology business established to unleash the power that data can bring to B2B payments.

Based in the UK, the team have built InstantPay after analysing over $150bn of invoices and are now rolling out programs in partnership with large corporations globally